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Introducing the one and only

Welcome to Yellow Film Machine, where creativity meets quality in every frame. We are a Bogotá-Colombia based video production company that specializes in crafting documentaries, engaging corporate docs and branded video content.


From concept to delivery, we take a collaborative approach to bring your brand's story to life. Let us help you share your message with the world.

Branded Films | Documentaries | Creative Visuals

Why a Yellow Film Machine?

Sing along with us: "We all live in a Yellow Film Machine, a Yellow Film Machine, a Yellow Film Machine..." doesn't that fill you with Yellow and put you in a good mood? We're passionate video producers based in Bogotá Colombia, yet we want to tell stories that appeal to the entire world. That's why we think of ourselves as lean, mean, video producing machines. 

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Our Best Videos

Our Best Videos

This is what we do.

We started out offering every kind of videography under the yellow sun. Over the years, we became specialists in producing documentaries, corporate content and promotional videos, as well as specialized post production projects. 

Corporate video documentaries tell your brand's story.


We know a great story in an organization or company when we see it, and then we turn into a compelling visual narrative that contributes to your life in some significant way.

Multi-camera video production for clients Gosh and Google. YFM is based in Bogotá, Colombia.

Corporate Content

We've produced all kinds of promotional videos and branded content: Amazon product promos, Instagram Promoted Reels, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, TikToks, and more. 

Yellow Film Machine handles complex remote post productions

Special Post Production

Chromakeys, composites, complex color grades, rotoscopies, integrations with 3D animation and motion tracking... you name it, we've done it (often for other video production companies so shhhh!).

"Why does it make sense for any business to produce their video content in Latin America?”

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+1 (239) 351-1427

+57 312 380 8677



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